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EXOHOST summer school “Planet formation and populations”
16-20 September 2024
Tartu Observatory, Estonia

The summer school will focus on two connected topics: (1) planet formation and evolution and (2) planetary system populations. The school is aimed at PhD students and advanced master students working in the field of exoplanets. The two topics will be covered by world-leading scientists, with emphasis on both the theoretical side as well as the current and future possibilities for confirming/restricting theoretical predictions with observational data. Two days will be dedicated to each topic. The format includes two lectures before lunch and one after, followed by a discussion on the subject. In preparation for the discussion students may be asked to read some material before the school.

The exact program will be finalised with the help of the invited lecturers. From the first part the students will learn about planet formation on different scales: formation and growth of solids from small molecular clusters to planetesimals and planetesimals accumulations and assembly into planetary cores. The second part will explore exoplanetary systems relations to their host stars and formation environment providing comparison with trends discovered observationally and highlighting observations biases and theoretical model deficiencies. The discussion session will help students to clarify specific questions and formulate specific science problems that need to be addressed to move forward research in these fields.

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