The detailed programme is still in the works and will be released once finalized.

Topics to be covered:

Planet formation and evolution 

  1. Planet formation simulations
  2. Protoplanetary disk physical-chemical models
  3. Disk kinematics
  4. Observations of protoplanetary disks
  5. The chemical budget of planet-forming material
  6. Protoplanetary disk hydro models, dust evolution

Planetary system populations 

  1. Introduction to the field, radial velocity surveys
  2. Planet atmospheric evolution (incl impact of stellar emission on planet evolution)
  3. Planet formation and planet population synthesis
  4. Large surveys and the resulting exoplanet populations
  5. Exoplanet field overview, characterisation, Ariel Space Mission
  6. Observations and evolution of planetary orbits
  7. Theoretical evolution of planetary orbits